Current Exhibition

I am...

Fatima Saeed

22 April — 9 May

Fatima Saeed A-M Gallery Newtown

Fatima Saeed, The one, 125cm x 78cm, Hand embroidery and embellishment on black velvet cloth, 2011

Upcoming Exhibition

Growth At All Costs!

Penelope Cain

13 May — 30 May

Penelope Cain A-M Gallery Newtown

Penelope Cain, Growth Solution #1: Sydney, 152cm x 64cm, Sequins, glue, maps, fabric, 2015

kathryn cowed A-M Gallery

Kathryn Cowen, Plugged In (detail)

jan risk A-M Gallery Home

Charlotte Haywood, Inti

brooke thompson A-M Gallery Home

Brooke Thompson, After Rain (detail)

Hendrik Kolenberg A-M Gallery

Hendrik Kolenberg, Newtown Chimneys (detail)

A-M Gallery, Newtown

A-M Gallery is an independent contemporary art space in the vibrant arts district of Newtown/Darlington (Sydney, Australia). Exhibiting both established and emerging artists working in traditional and new media, the gallery's program is compiled from a select group of represented artists as well as an annual submission process open to all.