Barbara Halnan

Artist CV

Year School
1988-1989 Associate student in printmaking Middlesex Polytechnic, London
1975 & 1977 East Sydney Technical College. Printmaking, life drawing, design. (Post certificate printmaking 1979)
1976-1977 Studied at the Free Academy in the Hague, Netherlands. Printmaking, life drawing in particular
1962 B.A. University of WA. Major in French language and literature
Year Event
1995 NAVA Marketing Grant (for Viaduct Project)
2001 Status Graph Award for digital art
Year Event
2012 Salon des Réalités Nouvelles, Paris
'The lines are drawn'
2012 Articulate Project Space Leichhardt
'The lines are drawn'
2012 Factory 49 Marrickville (Office Project Space)
'The lines are drawn'
2011 Factory 49, Marrickville
'Notations - Installed construction'
2011 Salon des Réalités Nouvelles, Paris
'Notations - Installed construction'
2011 Articulate Project Space, Leichhardt
'Drawing out'
2011 Delmar Gallery, Ashfield
'Off the Shelf'
2010 Factory 49, Marrickville
'More things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of', painting installation
2010 Delmar Gallery, Ashfield
'Off the Shelf
2009 Factory 49, Marrickville
'Series and accumulations, recent paintings'
2009 Level 17 Victoria University Melbourne
'The colour of space', with Kate Mackay and Rose Anne McGreevy
2008 Factory 49, Marrickville
'Shades of Grey, recent paintings'
2008 Factory 49, Marrickville
Group show
2008 Delmar Gallery, Ashfield
'Off the Shelf'